Techie describes how a motorcycle courier he trusted and used for errands planned to rob him.

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2023)

The horrible story of how a biker he trusted and dispatched on errands hired armed criminals to attack him at his home was told by a Nigerian technologist. On the microblogging site Twitter, the man explained that he was so considerate of the rider that he gave him a second motorcycle to use for his business.

He claimed that he was shocked when the motorbike rider approached him and asked for advice on how to engage in internet fraud, sometimes known as “Yahoo Yahoo.” According to him, the motorbike rider’s frequent home attendance and high income made him suspicious of deception.  Two months later, the same motorcycle rider in whom he had always put his trust organized a robbery at his home.

He composed;

“Years back When I started making a little cash from Tech, I started staying indoors more.

So I opted to have a personal bike guy ( my worst mistake ).

He ran my errands & I was so nice to this dude, even bought him a new bike & gave him huge tips, he knew my home in & out, dude approached me later & asked if I was some yahoo boy & needed me to teach him cos I stayed indoors more but had funds to spend. I repelled anyways.

Neighbors warned me & My sixth sense gave me this hunch to get him off, but laziness no gree cos this dude could climb the mountains to go get anything I wanted.
Mumu me thought he was so loyal and wouldn’t harm me 😭

Fast forward two months, my home got robbed, You ain’t gonna believe, this dude I was super nice to was the one who instigated robbers to come rob me, this took me from 100 to zero.

Before I found out, they had already formatted & sold out my stuffs, cost me my job & Lost a lotta jobs and it almost ruined me. 💔

Long Story short, y’all be careful. Some folks can be so cruel irrespective of how nice you are to them💔


Author: Pate Anah

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