Dramatic, Dowry theft in Kano by the bride’s relative

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2023)

The bride’s relative, who was supposed to give her hand in marriage (Waliyyi), was accused of stealing her dowry right before the wedding, which led to some minor drama during a recent marriage ceremony in Kano State.

According to reports, the event happened in Kano State’s Dala LGA’s Kurna neighborhood.

The money was found in the Waliyyi’s pocket after a search of those in the area led to the discovery of the theft.

A guy who represents the bride in marriage talks is known as a “Waliyyi.”

The dowry was discovered in the Waliyyi’s pocket, who claimed to be unaware of how the money got there, according to a witness who went by the name of Sunusi Dan Mamman.

“During the search, the money was found inside the pocket of the Waliyyi, who said he didn’t know how it got there.”

“After finding the money, the Waliyyi was chased out of the mosque as he could no longer stand as the bride’s representative. His younger brother was then assigned to take his place, and the wedding proceeded,” he said.

Author: Pate Anah

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